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Phi Horizon is a software development company, you can enhance your business and bring your product to life.

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Process Model

How we work!


Requirements & Analysis

We will identify the functionality, performance levels, and other characteristics which the product must satisfy in order for it to be acceptable to the customer.


Design & Prototype

We will transform the requirements into complete and detailed system design specifications and produce a prototype.


Development Phase

Once the design is approved, the Development Team begins the Development Phase.


Testing & QA

We will ensure that the product is of the highest possible quality for our customers.



After successfull testing and QA, the product is delivered to the customer or deployed in the market to make it available for users.

Legal Status

Company Registered

We are a registered firm under a legal entity with the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Information Technology Board (KPITB), Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB), the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), and the Sarhad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI)

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About PHTS

I need to develop an application – where do I start?

Starting any project, including custom software development, we suggest answering 3 simple questions — Why? What? How? ‍

  1. Why do you need this application? What are your business goals?
  2. What would you like to receive at the end? What is the outcome you expect?
  3. How will you do this? What options for implementation do you have?

Once you answer them, create your vision of the application, and form your requirements for a software development company, you can contact us, we will discuss your idea.

The duration of a website project varies depending on its complexity, features, and client requirements. Typically, a basic website can be completed in a few weeks, while more complex projects may take several months to finalize. It’s essential to discuss timelines with your development team to ensure realistic expectations and smooth project execution.

Regrettably, we do not offer fixed project prices. Each project brief we receive comes with unique requirements that influence the scope of work. Once we’ve received your brief, we can provide an estimate of the cost and timeframe involved.

We collaborate with a diverse range of clients, spanning from burgeoning startups to renowned global entities. Our approach centers on aligning with clients who share our vision. If you’re committed to enhancing your brand’s online presence and are open to mutual understanding, we’re eager to partner with you. Regarding budget considerations, sharing your budget allows us to offer tailored advice on optimizing your investment.

You’re welcome to provide as much feedback as you’d like. Throughout the process, we’ll be there to guide you and ensure your satisfaction at every step. With extensive experience in delivering brand and website projects, we follow a structured approach with multiple stages, ensuring you’re always comfortable with the progress.