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What are

Web Development Services?

Branding services encompass the strategic development and execution of elements that define a brand’s identity, personality, and values. This includes designing logos, establishing brand guidelines, crafting brand messaging, creating visual assets, and developing brand strategies to differentiate and promote the brand effectively in the market.

Achieve Business Goals

With Web Development Solutions

Our experienced developers excel in various web development services. Below are some of the solutions we can provide for you.


A finely crafted website is a key asset for marketing and communication, fostering trust and driving lead generation.


With eCommerce solutions, businesses can operate around the clock, reaching customers across various time zones, 24/7.

Web Applications

Web applications have the ability to engage a worldwide audience, offering interactivity that captivates users' attention effectively.

Content Management System

A custom CMS tailored to your business needs ensures efficiency by streamlining internal workflows, resulting in time and cost savings.

Top-notch Web development

Become a digital stand-out

Elevate your online presence with Phi Horizon’s top-notch web development solutions. Trust our expertise to craft cutting-edge websites that set you apart in the digital landscape. Reach new heights with our best-in-class services.

At Phi Horizon, we offer every web development service you need to build a full-blown web-based product, such as:

A web development company’s objective is to identify and construct solutions tailored to meet each client’s distinct business objectives. By leveraging quality web development services, you can either create a successful product from inception or enhance the performance of an existing one.


A Shopify Agency

At Phi Horizon, we provide an affordable eCommerce solution with Shopify. Our Shopify experts assist in creating online stores equipped with numerous features and seamless integration with third-party apps. With Shopify, you can sell products on your website and various marketplaces, including social media platforms. We have experience working with startup brands in sectors like fashion, interior design, and beauty, as well as revamping existing brands.

Start Shopify

Our Shopify developers

Our team of Shopify developers can craft a tailored Shopify eCommerce website for you in just three weeks. It will be equipped with all the essential features required to kickstart, manage, and expand your business seamlessly.

Our Shopify developers provide you with the desired features without any complications.


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Website development
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Web Development Team

Our team is customized based on what your project needs. We pick each member carefully to ensure they add real value to building your product. And we’ve got all the skills needed for web development covered.


Detailed Cooperation Process

If you need to make a new website or improve an existing one, we’re here to assist. We’ll help you choose the right technologies for your needs, ensuring your website meets all your requirements. When starting from scratch, here’s what you can expect:


Phi Horizon Managing Director. Feel free to text him and get all the answers you need.


Answer to your questions.

Why do I need a website?

To bring your exceptional ideas to life, you require a platform to reach a wider audience, whether it’s a website, platform, forum, or app. Entrusting professionals with the development of your product ensures it aligns with your vision, freeing you to concentrate on achieving your business or personal goals.

Crafting a website involves more than just aesthetics. It encompasses intricate elements like functional navigation, user interface (UI), and user experience (UX), which are crucial for success. Entrusting professionals ensures your site adheres to industry best practices, essential for the success of your business.

Responsive web design caters to the diverse preferences of modern online users, who access websites through desktops, tablets, or phones. Adapting your site to look flawless across various devices is essential. Responsive web design ensures seamless adjustment to any screen size or resolution, ensuring optimal user experience regardless of the device used.

Certainly, your website will be uniquely crafted to suit your needs, devoid of any templates. We prioritize your specifications and leverage our creativity and expertise to deliver a successful, modern, stylish, and user-friendly website tailored specifically to your vision.

We integrate market analysis and prototyping to verify your concept, guaranteeing tangible business benefits and accelerating time-to-market.  Through discovery workshops, feasibility assessments, and concept validation, we ensure all elements are refined before commencing development.

Shopify is a platform for commerce that enables individuals to establish an online store and market their products. It serves as a more cost-effective eCommerce solution compared to Craft Commerce, provided by Phi Horizon.

The duration varies based on your project’s type and complexity. Weeks 1-2 are dedicated to planning and organization, followed by approximately two weeks for the graphic design phase. Subsequently, we move into coding, development, testing, launch, and ongoing promotion/maintenance. We structure the process into cycles, allowing for effective progress tracking and detailed project timeline management.