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PHI HORIZON TECH & SERVICES was created as a group of highly qualified and experienced consultants from the private sector. Managed by professionals with varied national and international experience, PHTS offers a complete range of consultancy services for projects in the public, non-government, as well as the private sector. Based in Peshawar, Pakistan. PHTS is uniquely placed to provide consultancy services to NGO’s and Public sector organizations for various projects for IT consultation and supply chain management (general order supply) field.PHTS places great importance on developing our practice in a way, which complements the current and future needs of our clients, both established and prospective. To achieve this objective the firm has a policy of maintaining close contacts with its clients at principle level. This close personal liaison has proved a decisive factor in our success as consulting engineers/service providers and ensures that projects are developed using technology, which is most suitable to the physical, socio-economic and environment in which they are to operate. It also leads to cost effectiveness and timely completion of development programs, elements that, together with assured quality, are essential to a truly successful outcome.


Our vision is to be a leading corporation in the IT sector. To make our environment prosperous by providing innovative, user-friendly software services, thereby improving the scope of digital technology.


We strive for a better future in digital technology by digitalization and providing products that make an ordinary person involved in society, and by improving the scope of the IT profession by mentoring beginners of IT career in the professional field and providing jobs to qualified professionals.


Frequently Asked Questions!

The cost of an app depends on many factors as the development platform, App categories, Complexity, Country of developers and number of features you need in your app.
Depends on various factors like development platform, Complexity of the design, experience level of developer, features and functionality, testing and many more.
Don't provide source code before payment completion to protect our rights. We cam provide code in images of one or two coding chunks to make sure that you are happy.
Depends on traffic expectations, server company and server parameters can be defined which can be range in 5k to 1ok PKR per year.
Project payment would be defined in milestones and on completion of each milestone, that is approving piece of work we agreed, you will complete the payment for that milestone.
At the beginning of project, we will give /provide you a project plan with approximate dates tor deliverables. So you can plan your day to check work. We normally provides the updates on weekly or every 2 weeks to show project progress.
We worked with clients all over the world with different time zones and we adjust with clients with their timings.
We worked on agile process model, changes can be incorporate easily, agile process model accepts the quick changes easily. Incremental development is takes place in the agile.
Team member

Really we have an expert team
to develop many apps!